Available in person, telephone, iPhone FaceTime or Zoom video, and screen share.


Screen sharing

  • Windows using Quick Assist free app built into Windows.
  • Mac using Screen Sharing free app, built into Mac.
  • Windows and Mac using TeamViewer, available for home (free) and office (subscription).


  • Set up high-speed Wi-Fi for entire home or office, inside and outside.
  • Increase Verizon FiOS, AT&T Uverse, cable modem Internet connection speed.
  • Set up remote access to computer.
  • Share files such as music, pictures, and videos.
  • Share printer with computers, mobile, and tablet.
  • Implement VPN for additional security.


  • Set up and troubleshoot PC and Mac as well as iPhone and Android.
  • Clone hard drive to save computer before crashing.
  • Recommend repair vs replace.
  • Assess needs then recommend services and products.
  • Set up new mobile or tablet by copying settings from old–avoid the store.
  • Clean-up to boost performance and remove viruses.
  • Draft instructions and documentation.
  • Train users one-on-one.

Smart home and entertainment

  • End buffering for better streaming Netflix, Amazon Prime Video, etc.
  • Connect wireless speakers for Pandora, Spotify, iHeart radio, etc.
  • Replace multiple remotes with one universal remote.
  • Set up flat panel TVs and surround sound.

Cable management

  • Tie up cables for clean and tidy appearance.
  • Hide cables within walls.
  • Remove unused and old cables.
  • Shorten cables in use.
  • Sort through box of old cables.


  • Back up files to external USB backup drive and/or cloud.
  • Share files using cloud service.
  • Cleanse database.
  • Import from files or export for mail merge including address book and Contacts.
  • Encrypt files and drives.

Data Recovery 

  • Recover files including photos from computer hard drives and mobile phones.
  • Most can be recovered quickly.
  • If not, drives and mobile phones may be sent to OnTrack for recovery evaluation.

E-cycle (recycle electronics)

  • E-cycle all electronics including computers, TVs, and old parts.