Surge protection

Surge protection is important to protect sensitive electronics, especially network and home theater.

The only surge protector I recommend and use (for computers, network, and home theater) is Zero Surge. Two models most popular are 1) 8 outlet for computer or home theater and 2) 2 outlet for UPS and printer. Printer cannot plug into UPS; best to plug directly into Zero Surge.

How to use Zero Surge with UPS

Most power strips a.k.a. power taps are not surge protectors rather turning one electrical outlet into 4-8 outlets. Some power strips labeled to be surge protectors are inferior and deteriorate over time without warning. Read the back and you might see:

Or read the front and you might see:

Power strips and surge protector strips are potential fire hazards. I have seen power strips showing fire damage:

Power strips and surge protector strips must not be plugged into one another. If used, plug directly into the wall.

Also, most battery backups a.k.a. UPS are labeled as surge protectors. They are also inferior surge protectors with the exception is I have not seen one catch fire. It is best to have both Zero Surge surge protector and separate UPS.

How to use Zero Surge with UPS.