How to keep up with technology

The best way to keep up with technology is to use it. Over the decades we have seen many technologies arrive; some survive.

Predicting which technology survives is the trick. Even selecting which technology product within technology family is tricky. Most computers still run Microsoft Windows. Remember Windows ME (not so good) and XP (good) before Windows 7 (very good) 10 (good) and now 11 (eh…)?

One of the oldest technologies is Ethernet. It was invented between 1973 and 1974, commercially introduced in 1980, and still used today. It is better and faster than Wi-Fi so use it whenever possible. Offices and now homes standardize on Ethernet.

Verizon standardized on coax for its FiOS and found out it was not fast enough for high-speed networking so it switched to Ethernet. And early networks standardized on coax which are now converted or re-run with Ethernet.