Cable management before and after

Cable management is replacing long cables with short cables, tying up cables using cable ties, and hiding cables within walls, ceiling, basement and crawl space when possible. Connecting 10 foot cable when 1 foot cable is suffice eliminates tens or hundreds feet of unused cable. A clean cable installation for network, home office, TV, or home theater makes for better space and ensures best performance.

All cables (Ethernet, coax, HDMI, speaker, etc.) can be either custom ordered or cut to desired length. In-wall cables are special order and must be used when hiding cables. Cable ties bunch together cables running together to finish the clean look.

Before and after pictures below.

Built-in shelves for TV and network

Telephone, Ethernet, and coax

Wall-mounted TV


Outdoor cable across window

Use wires to make wireless better and faster

The best wireless (Wi-Fi) depends on wires (cables): Using Ethernet cables to distribute Wi-Fi makes it better and faster makes. (This is not mesh wireless which uses wireless connecting to wireless.) Some homes have old telephone which can be converted to Ethernet. Other homes had Ethernet run by contractors during home remodel but not connected. In almost any home unused coax cable TV can be converted to Ethernet or Wi-Fi.

Home with telephone before converted to Ethernet

Home remodeled with Ethernet and coax