Avatar Tech LLC (formerly Avatar Systems, Ltd.), established 1994, sets up and troubleshoots home and small-office technology specializing in high speed, high power Wi-Fi. Starting in corporate IT almost 30 years ago, history and experience coupled with the right equipment is the difference to provide the best products and services.

Wi-Fi ◌ IT ◌ smart home ◌ streaming
doorbell camera ◌ home entertainment ◌ mobile
HD TV & surround sound ◌ back-up & restore
websites ◌ networks ◌ IoT ◌ firewall ◌ Ethernet
drive recovery ◌ e-cycling ◌ cable management
remote control ◌ clean-up & tune-up ◌ PC & Mac
wireless speakers ◌ thermostat ◌ landline

Proudly serving Washington, DC metropolitan area, from New York City to Los Angeles, CA. Avatar Tech LLC will find solutions that work for you and accommodate your requirements. Customers include individuals and families who need a technician as well as large offices who needs a roving technician. Call mobile (202) 631-6440 or direct (703) 746-8428 to discuss.

The name Avatar Tech LLC (named 1993) is a combination of the protagonist, Avatar, in cult classic movie Wizards (released 1977) and my alma mater Virginia Tech (graduated 1990)…long before James Cameron’s blue Avatar (released 2009). The original Avatar, pictured left, is a 900 year old wizard. Both Avatar and Virginia Tech still inspire me today.